Important Instructions - International Education Research Foundation (IERF)

Important Instructions - International Education Research Foundation (IERF)

                               IERF- Digital Document Service by Institution

Please go through the below details, before processing your request.
  1. To complete your application process to IERF, select the "Genuineness Verification" service and the required document from the drop-down to process your application.

  2. Applicants are advised to upload only color copies of the original documents clearly readable from top to bottom.

  3. Ensure only the appropriate supporting document issued by the institution is uploaded for the selected service. [For example.:  If you select “Genuineness Verification Service – Consolidated Marksheet” upload only the Consolidated Marksheet, do not upload Semester wise mark sheet or other certificates]

  4. Login to your Docswallet account to confirm all requested documents are in “Approved” status. Click on “Start IERF Application” button and process all your “Approved” documents to IERF.

  5. After successful processing of all your documents to IERF, it will take 10-15 business days for IERF to update the status.