How It Works?

From the IERF approved institutions of Docswallet,- select your institute and follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Request verification to Institute

  1. Go to the Institute document verification portal. Click Here
  2. Select “Genuineness Verification" service category.
  3. Request documents for verification as per the requirement.
  4. Create your Docswallet account. If you already have an account, please login to your account.
  5. Complete the verification request by making an online payment for document verification.
  6. Receive email notification after verifications completed by the Institute Authority

Institution's Verification charges will be visible depending on the number of documents you process.

Step 2 - Processs Application to IERF.

Once the Institute completes document verification, follow the steps below to send the application to IERF.
  1. Login to Docswallet account. Click Here
  2. Confirm all requested verifications are completed by the institute authority.
  3. Go to “Start IERF Application"
  4. Select all approved documents for your IERF application.
  5. Click 'Send Now' and proceed with your request.
  6. Complete the application process to IERF by making an E-share fees of $75 USD.

Cost for processing an Application to IERF is $75 USD.